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Momentum Coaching


Momentum Coaching is our extensive coaching program that helps you stay on target with your purpose and your career. Here is what you get:

- Get to your purpose and career through hands on coaching
- Work out with your coaches your plan for purpose
- Work out with your coaches your plan for career and success 
- Get access to necessary tools to guide you on your way
- Learn from your group in a live setting
- Momentum Coaching check-in every 2 weeks
- No more slacking, you have goals to keep you on track. 

Gary and Dominic have years of experience and take on your issues with discovering purpose and career with their engineered approach. This isn't just a sit back and listen...Gary and Dominic will be looking at your life with you, asking the questions, uncovering the layers, and helping to get you on track.

Dominic is a serial entrepreneur that has created multiple businesses over the last 30 years. His entrepeneruirl journey started in his early teens and he has gone on to build multiple businesses, consulted on multinational businesses across the globe, consistently advises on start-ups, speaks all over the world, and is an author as well. Dominic is also an executive-in-residence at the Ivey school of business. Dominic has been featured on Bloomberg, Chicago Tribune, Globe and Mail, Profit Magazine, MSN, NBC, Fox, PBS, ABC, etc....

Gary is an engineer by trade, and left a very successful corporate career because he knew that he wasn't following his purpose. He has gone on to dedicating his life to engineering purpose and happiness. Gary has been an entrepreneur ever since, and continues to break new ground. Gary is an author and in-demand speaker and is consistently featured on media to help people find purpose, happiness and health. Gary has been featured on Global, CBC, and many more.

"Gary LeBlanc is truly motivating and inspiring. His passion and straight forward approach to health and life makes an impact with many "eye-opening" moments."  --- W. Clawsley

"Dominic was amazing andprovided more information thatn I expected about how to leverage my business on the internet."  -- Ray Ortiz, Fitness Bootcamps

"Time well spent learning how to optimize your physical and mental health - a lifelong gift to yourself." -- Don Waler, CEO Magna International

"I have had the pleasure of listening to Dominic on a few occasions. He captures the room with his charismatic personality and engages the audience at all times. Best of all, he talks about the things everyone else is either afraid to say or be challenged on. He inspires those that listen and is a phenomenal speaker." --Michael Gesualdi, TD Waterhouse


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