The Story

If You Weren't Motivated To Find Your Purpose We Wouldn't Be Living Ours!

Be Your SuperHuman: A story of purpose. 

Dom and Gary met in a business setting and immediately identified they were kindred spirits. After discussing an idea for collaborative public speaking at conferences, universities, corporations, etc... they had an amazing epiphany. Why would they ask anyone for permission. As entrepreneurs, why not create an incredible seminar series to help people find their purpose and their career. Forget asking for permission, do what you want to do! That is what Be Your SuperHuman is all about. 

This led to creating Be Your SuperHuman, a seminar that finally combines the road map you need to find your purpose, and turn it into a career. However, these are more than just seminars, they are life transformational events and for Gary and Dom, it has allowed them to help so many people and in the end, live their purpose. 

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Gary and Dom



Stop Waiting and Take Control

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