Living your purpose should be a choice, not a dream.

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As Entrepreneurs, Executives, Coaches and Consultants we found one common issue... Everyone is looking for their purpose and even if they find it, they can't match it up with a career or business.



We don't just have you sit through a webinar, we have the ability to keep live coaching you to success for weeks, months and even years.



We help you find your purpose, and then move on to help you turn that into a meaningful career either as an entrepreneur, intrapreneur or bonuspreneur.



We look at your purpose and career like we are building something to last, our engineered approach will give you the solid foundation you need.



Excellent and easy to use tools makes it like we're doing the work for you. We also provide a wellness platform to help tune your body as well as your mind.



Not just Rah Rah Rah! Actual methods to keep you motivated through the process of finding your purpose, career and meaningful life.


Let us help you Find Your Purpose and Make It A Career At Our "Live" Refreshing Webinars where anything can happen.

Proven Methods at our live webinars and ongoing coaching as well as our virtual courses. After The Webinar you will have access to the Superhuman Tools, Wellness Platform and Subscription-Based Coaching to help move you from thought, to purpose, to career and keep you on track with living your purpose

Unlock your Superhumn dna

Our webinars help engineer your mind to take you from drifting to purpose

Live Your Purpose. Be Your Superhuman
Skill, Challenge and Passion are the building blocks of a happy life and career. It’s about self-discovery, not's about finding your purpose. Let's Unlock your Superhuman DNA!

Super humn career

Be Your Superman. Achieve True Success

Living your purpose, having balance and being sound financially are all key components of being successful. We are going to show you how to start. Not ready for a full business? Be an Intrapreneur or Bonuspreneur. We are going to show you a whole new way of looking at a career with purpose. BE Your Superhuman.

Our webinars help you find your purpose, but we don't stop there.

Your Super humn Gurus

Real life expertise to take your from drifting, to purpose to career

Dominic Mazzone

Dominic started his first business at 16 and by the time he was 30 he had started several others. During that time, he took his career into a entirely different entrepreneurial direction as a professional musician of 9 years. He then took a hiatus from the entrepreneurial lifestyle to successfully manage Fortune 500 companies for a telecom giant and was responsible for well over $200 million of business, however his entrepreneurial spirit never went away. Dominic then co-founded a small commercial real estate lending fund out of Chicago and during this time he acquired and ran a web hosting company where he became fully exposed to the web and became immersed in the world of digital strategy. This led to the creation of Smashbox Consulting in 2008. Shortly after, Dominic co-founded Basic Funerals, the first internet funeral company and digitally transformed the industry. Since then Dominic has pursued his interests of transforming other companies and industries through Smashbox Consulting as well as sitting on several advisory boards in the digital and clean tech space. Dominic is a board member of the health and wellness company, Propel Active. Dominic has been featured extensively in the media including Bloomberg, CBC, ABC, FOX, The Globe and Mail, The Chicago Tribune, The Toronto Star, Profit Magazine, etc...

Gary LeBlanc

Gary LeBlanc - recognized as an international thought leader - coaches individuals towards finding their purpose. Although Gary found success in the corporate world, his former career as a Vice President for a Fortune 500 company left him searching for his own purpose. When a close friend got diagnosed with cancer 8 years ago, Gary realized that helping people live their best life was more than just an interest, it was his passion. Spending the better part of 20 years researching the latest diet, health, and fitness trends, Gary now empowers people to live their purpose. Through his company Ikkuma Inc., Gary is focused on living his purpose by helping people be SuperHuman. A McGill university engineering and MBA graduate, Gary is also a certified coach practitioner, personal trainer, and most recently, a published author, with his book titled ‘Ikkuma: Evolution of Vitality’. Between dreaming about SuperHumans, making awesome smoothies and researching, Gary FaceTime’s his beyond-cool niece and nephew. Gary is an in-demand speaker and author, who has now found his true purpose… helping you Be Your SuperHuman.

"It's a cliché to say that someone has seen it all, but well, Dominic Mazzone has certainly seen a lot"


"The Tough Love Guru"

Global News
Their published books

Part brain evolving - part motivational. It not only will spark your creativity to either start a business or evolve it, but the motivational messages are interlaced with so many humerous personal experiences that it's the easiest read around.


A comprehensive wellness journey all packed into an easy to read book. It will take any reader of any level of health and put them on a healthier path. Embracing wellness has never been this easy to understand and make part of your daily life.


If you weren’t motivated to find your purpose We wouldn’t be living ours.

Available Anywhere In The World! Every Thursday at 11:30.

What people are saying

Fortune 500 CEO's and Educators

Time well spent learning how to optimize your physical and mental health – a lifelong gift to yourself. -- Don Walker, CEO Magna International

I've had the pleasure of observing Dominic address and engage with a group of CEOs in a workshoplike setting. He has the rare skill of immediately understanding complex issues and discovering unique solutions to address them. He conveys digital and entrepreneurial expertise in a direct and honest manner, while doing so in a humorous way. He's the real deal with an entertaining twist! -- Ed Minich, Former CEO of Otis, Professor of Business, McMaster, University

Dominic used great visuals and his expertise to make the online world easy to understand. -- Gillian Mandich, PhD


I have had the pleasure of listening to Dominic on a few occasions. He captures the room with his charismatic personality, and engages the audience at all times. Best of all, he talks about the things everyone else is either afraid to say or be challenged on. He inspires those that listen, and is a phenomenal speaker. -- Michael Gesualdi, TD Waterhouse

Business Owners

Dominic was amazing and provided more information than I expected about how to leverage my business on the internet. -- Ray Ortiz, Fitness Bootcamps

Dominic's presentation style engages the entire audience from the time he steps centre stage. Witty, relevant and thought provoking, he challenges the status quo. His strategies will leave your competitors in the dust! -- Aaron Lalvani, CEO, The Lalvani Group

Audience Members

Dominic was out of this world, very passionate and helpful in providing education about business. -- Kevin Richards

Dominic tips on start-ups were great. I am walking away with his quote “you have to have technique” Great info provided. Thank You! -- Rima Hajjaj

Gary LeBlanc is truly motivating and inspiring. His passion and straight forward approach to health and life makes an impact with many "eye-opening" moments. -- W. Clawsley

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